What We offer


We offer a straight forward honest and affordable business consulting service. Our consulting is driven on timely measurable results and deliverables. “If you can’t measure it, don’t do it”. With the business climate changing faster than any time in history you have to be able to change your course if the market dictates you doing so. By measuring your current sales, marketing and development activities you can determine your new campaigns against previous results. This may sound very elementary to some but the reality is most companies rely on employee and customer opinions more than verifiable data.  Click Here to schedule your free 30 minute consultation.


We offer services a full spectrum of services to the franchise industry. Our support coverage and expertise scope includes both domestic and international markets. We have in depth experience with US brands looking to grow in Australia as well as other Asia markets. From single Franchise owners to Master Franchisees development support, we help in many ways. Our current client services include:

  • Australian Franchise growth
  • FDD review and negotiations
  • Site selection
  • Marketing and business planning
  • Purchasing  and distribution negotiations
  • Website development and SEO support

Business Buy/Sell

CTD offers a complete business transaction service for either the buyer or seller in a business sale.

  • Business valuations
  • Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Employment Agreeements for transition time periods

Media Agency

CTD offers services for all your media buy and placement needs. We analyze an your current media spend and create a report to show you where you can best leverage your dollars being spent on the audience you need to attract.

Dental Implant Marketing

CTD offers a depth of expertise in marketing dental implants for local dentists. We have specialized in developing and supporting dental practices that offer mini dental implants. Our track record is proven to show considerable growth for our clients throughout the United States, Australia, Philippines and Canadian markets.

Website Development

So many websites are created with image being the primary focus. In most cases, we see high quality graphically pleasing sites that are not optimized in order to do what they were designed to do in the first place “attract and retain customers”. There is no doubt that how a site looks is important in the larger scheme, therefore,  we offer a full suite of options in developing custom sites that look great on the front end but most importantly they are SEO & CRM wired on the back end.

Video Production

  • We offer full video production from small on the fly customer video testimonials, green screen website introductions to full day studio shoots for television commercials. Our video analytics are unique and a very powerful tool for small businesses looking to get an edge on their competition. Our principle philosophy on the future of marketing is around the fact that the vast majority of people are validating their decision to buy a product or service online before they make their final decision. This phenomenon has created the boom and huge success of Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram . Just 5 years ago, we would Google a product or service and read what the company who makes the product or provides the service had to say about the features and benefits. Now, we are able to ask someone “live” what they have experienced or how the products and services really work. Our decisions are being influenced more by testimonials than ever before. Simply put, we trust what the average Joe thinks more than the so called experts.

  • When Forrester Research noted that Video SEO was 53 times more likely to drive a first page search result than traditional SEO, both media and marketers briefly took notice, and then moved on. Few sites implemented a Video SEO strategy, and publishers quietly went along doing the same things they had been doing for years. But for those who made the effort, the rewards were nothing short of astonishing. On a regular basis, 1 in 8 videos produced first-page Google results, and some publishers saw results of 2 in 5 or better.At these levels of efficacy, it’s not an understatement to say that in 2016, if you’re not pursuing Video SEO, you don’t really have an SEO strategy.

All Asia Sourcing

CTD offers a unique approach to sourcing and manufacturing products overseas. Our clients gain considerable margin increases on current products being sourced, but most importantly they rely on our infrastructure to bring quality products to the states. From one off quotes to full distribution of ongoing products, we have the resources in place to support and grow all sizes of companies. We currently source primarily in China for products, but use Japan, Germany and the Philippines for other quality performance equipment and supplies.


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